June 15th - Kildare county show

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Last year we brought a brick.ie layout to the Kildare County Show held in Athy.

We've been invited back again this year. While we have a few details to clarify, unless there is a clash with something else in the pipeline that we are working on, we are likely to bring something again for this 1 day event on Sunday June 15th. Remember this counts towards one of the 4 events we need to put on to qualify for Lugbulk.

In this regard, given the fact that it is only a one day event and thus its difficult to set-up the larger models available to us, its important to get as many people exhibiting as possible to fill the space available. This is an ideal opportunity to present that first MOC as we can fit more smaller models in and its a gentle introduction to exhibiting.

Can those available and interested in building something for this event please post here.