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Now that the tickets are on sale (general release tomorrow) its as good a time as any to pencil into the diary the dates for Brick2015 at London's Excel Arena. This was excellent last year and is the largest display of LEGO models in the British Isles. The show runs from 11-13 December which is later than last year. A few changes I've spotted from the last year:

- the start time on Friday is 3pm (2pm for VIP ticket-holders) so its another late night for exhibitors
- the general start time is staggered with a 3pm, 3.30pm and 4pm start slot presumably for crowd control reasons - there are similar staggered (but earlier) starts on Saturday and Sunday.
- the show doesn't appear to be open to the public on the Thursday 10th. Instead that looks like the AFOLCON day for over 16s with a £95 price tag (which includes entry to the show all weekend). [edit: unlike last year all presentations will be on the main show floor and AFOLs appear to have access to the displays and bricks in advance of the public hours]

All will be revealed when the tickets go on sale generally tomorrow.

[Edit: No details yet regarding exhibiting except set-up will be the full day on Wednesday 9th - see for AFOLCON info.]