Olympics 2012 - looking for interest in a group project

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Some of you may remember the Lego display the Hong Kong Lego fans produced for the 2008 Olympics.

Some members of the Brickish Association in the UK have been looking at doing something similar for the London 2012 Olympics. This is a massive undertaking and they have been in discussion with various authorities for most of the last year to get the various approvals required.

Nothing is definite yet, but they have received positive responses from the Olympic committee to do it as an "inspired by" Olympic art project. Lego have also expressed a willingness to donate most of the bricks required.

The current aim is to build a minifig scale model of the entire Olympic park. This would occupy about 250 square metres, and discussions are ongoing with a number of potential venues to put it on display for 4-6 months in 2012.

As there will be a massive amount of work in this, there would definitely be scope for us to be involved if we want to. This would probably involve taking on one or more of the buildings on the site. The schedule would be to complete the building in 2011, but we would have to complete detailed designs in 2010 and work out brick quantities to place an order with Lego by the end of the year.

This is a huge project, and if we want to be part of it, it would be a great opportunity to raise our profile..

At the moment I'd just like to know who is interested. If we have a few people we can make a proposal to the BA and see what part or parts of it we could take on.

Please don't talk about this outside the group at this point, as nothing may come of it.

I'm very excited about this, and I hope some of you are interested too.