Stand alone event - (now Naas event 4-5 September 2015)

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Hello team,

At Saturdays meeting we discussed and provisionally agreed that we would run our own stand alone event this year, caveat a barrier that would make it unviable.

Jessica may have a venue for us for this year and we brainstormed the prospect of a bigger venue for next year. We agreed that because of other shows etc that September may be the best month for this.

I don't think we need a lead on this project but can we for now use this forum to move this project on, certainly in the next month or so we aim to have a venue and a set date so we can get commitment from people.

We have some world class builders amongst our ranks and this is our chance to potentially get an annual event, that could generate funds for the group. What I mean by this is hopefully in the long term a small investment in so we can start to hold a stock of Lego for collaborative builds, get banners and clothing made etc.

There is no pressure on any member to do anything or contribute but don't forget for those availing of LUGBULK what it is meant for!

If you want to take part by contributing a model for the show, or to help out with manning displays (bearing in mind at Brick 2014 we had some of the biggest displays there) here is the place to let other members know.

Any dramas or problems should be directed through our Lego ambassador Dfenz so not withstanding that who can do what...............?