Invasion Dublin

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Anyone else been to the 'Invasion Dublin' event in Citywest over the Easter weekend?
It was billed as "Ireland’s largest ever celebration of science fiction with members of the original movie cast, life-size spacecraft, set themes, props and costume characters".
The members of the cast were the guy inside R2D2, the guy inside the Boba Fett mask, the guy behind the Darth Vader mask and two actors who had one or two lines in the original movies. Each of them charging a tenner for an autograph...
The life-size spacecraft were cardboard replica's of a Y-wing, a skiff and an AT-ST walker.
Then there were two merchandise stalls, a few display cases with storm trooper helmets and a handful of characters in costume.

Fifteen euro to get in and fifteen minutes later we were outside again. If this event returns next year don't bother...