Annual brick,ie family day [Proposed new date 26 September]

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The annual family day has now been scheduled for Saturday 19 September in Nealons Pub 2pm to 6pm.

[Update - the date has been provisionally rebooked for 26 September]

This annual event for members and their families is different to our normal meetings in that as we have full use of the function room we can have lots of LEGO activities especially building. There will be competitions with lots of great prizes to give away courtesy of our friends at LEGO.

As in previous years Nealons will be arranging for hot food and sandwiches to be brought in. There will be a charge to cover the catering - cost to be advised in due course.

Children of members are also very welcome - there is plenty of room. If anyone wants to bring their latest creations to show off these are welcome too although for those of you not familiar with this event its not a public display of models like our other events.

The highlight of the event as always is the LEGO drag race 'wacky racers'. This is where people bring along their ingenious vehicles and they compete to see which model travels the furthest distance off a ramp. This year there is a rule change - no Chima wheels - they are just too damn good for this event. As before no motorised models (or rubber band powered vehicles either). Remember keeping the vehicle straight can be very important in the final stages. Hopefully I'll make more than 6 inches off the ramp this year or I'll be campaigning for a booby prize.

Please post here if you are going as it gives me a handle on catering.

Any questions, ask away.