Brick Wonders coming to Derry - competition

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Warren Elsmore's Brick Wonders exhibition is coming to Derry

It runs from 6 February 2016 to 2 May 2016.

As part of the lead-up to this exhibition the organisers have been in touch with us to promote a competition that people might be interested in.

They are asking as part of this "Build Your Wonder out of Lego bricks" people to build the wonder of your town, city or community. This is open to the whole of Ireland.

The blurb in the article provides more details. It advises:

“In the interim, we are organising the Brick Wonders Competition in an effort to create awareness of the exhibition next year and to also create some excitement ahead of the event. The competition encourages competitors to make a LEGO creation of their choice and is open to three age levels – children aged 6-12; teens aged 13 to 16 and big kids and adult LEGO fans aged over 16.The creation can be any size or shape and must be made entirely out of LEGO and the closing date for entries is 12 noon on Friday 22 January. It’s your chance to create your own design and show your artistic and creative side and be in with a chance of winning some vouchers and get your design included in the exhibition,” she added.

Read more:

The link below provides more information on how submissions are entered. Its an online application form.

It would seem that any models submitted might need to be exhibited with the show which has quite a long run. Not sure if this is mandatory. This aspect didn't work particularly well when the Titanic show tried it.

Unlike the Titanic exhibition we did in 2014, we haven't received a request to exhibit anything else as an add-on to the exhibition. I missed this in London so I've no idea what's in it except the airport which Warren exhibited in Belfast. Members in Northern Ireland may be particularly interested in the competition and visiting the exhibition.