MOC Cards 2016

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As regular event participants will recall, from time to time we have produced laminated MOC cards for our displays. Our very own Galadin does these at a reasonable cost.

It is likely we will be looking to produce a few more of these before the first Irish event in April. If anyone has any models completed in 2015 or under construction that they'd like cards done up for maybe they could have a think about this.

The cards require a high resolution picture of the model, a SHORT description of what it is and some basic information regarding the builder, when it was completed, build time and piece count, all questions that you'll be asked at events displaying the models and might forget a year or two from now.

Closer to the time we go to print I'll post details of what is required and cost etc. but in the meantime it would be helpful to retain some decent photos of, and information on, any MOCs you might want cards for.