Naas Library 20 and 21 May 2016

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We have reserved Naas library mezzanine area for 20-21 May 2016 for our own annual event. Last September's event was very popular and we think running the event before the schools break up for the summer will be even better. This will be one of our three core events in 2016.

For LUG support application reasons can people advise me before 10 February if they can commit to exhibiting at this event. We can discuss what people might bring in a separate Event Planning thread.

Last year's format worked reasonably well in that on Friday morning we invited local primary schools to visit during allocated slots before opening it to the public in the afternoon. We might go for a later start this year to give more set-up time in the morning. The exhibit was open to the public on the Saturday. Some set-up was facilitated on the Thursday night.

If there is sufficient interest, like last year, we may also meet up in a local restaurant for something to eat after take-down.

Please post here if you can participate in this event.

Bfenz and I will be there.