Brick Wonders Exhibition 6th Feb - 2nd May 2016 Derry~Londonderry

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Brick Wonders Exhibition

Through Derry City and Strabane District Council's Science and Innovation Programme we secured the magnificent Brick Wonders exhibition by artist Warren Elsmore and this particular exhibit will be the first time that it has appeared in the island of Ireland. Using LEGO® bricks, artist Warren Elsmore creates stunning scenes with amazing results. While many of the original seven ancient wonders have crumbled away, here we see them in their full glory. Brick Wonders also takes a look at new wonders of the world; treasures from the past millennium that remain standing today.
The seven ancient wonders of the world, including the Lighthouse at Alexandria and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, are depicted as they might have been, to amazing effect. And, from the modern world there are seven still-standing wonders, including the Great Wall of China and Petra. Seven modern inventions, among them electricity and transport, are represented in LEGO creations both small and vast - a Model T car, television, the light bulb and the International Space Station. There are seven natural wonders, too, presented in their majestic beauty, including Victoria Falls, the Great Barrier Reef and the Matterhorn.
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