Clonakilty Games Festival 2016: Lego Exhibition 20-21 February

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Friend of mine send me this link:

Didn’t see anything about that here so figured I’d let you know:

'The exhibition seeks to celebrate all of those out there who enjoy the possibilities and creativity inspired by that most recognisable of little plastic bricks ‘Lego’. This ‘toy’ initially began in the 1930’s in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen and its name referred to the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’, which means ‘play well’. By 1949 Lego had begun producing an early version of the famous interlocking bricks.

This event seeks to inspire all creators out there to bring and display their work as a means of inspiring others of the possibilities. Whether the creations are from a set or original designs all will be welcome. Both children and adults are invited to participate.

This event is not a competition but instead seeks to celebrate the unique creativity of each individual. All participants will be invited to partake in a draw for prizes which will take place at 4pm at the end of the exhibition by members of Clonakilty Games Festival Commitee.
Entries may be delivered from 10.00am Saturday 20th February.’