Kildare county show - Athy 19 June 2016

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The date for the Kildare County Show has been set for Sunday 19 June at Athy Co.Kildare. This is one of our big 3 events upon which our RLUG status depends so we need as many members as possible to support it.

At this stage I am assuming all arrangements will be the same as in previous years in that we will have more or less the full use of the hall. Last year we had two sections in our area. One for MOCS and another an interactive building zone where we ran a building competition using our red support bricks. I anticipate that we would do something again with the support bricks - we also now have green to add to the mix - as well as the regular MOC layouts. Thus we will need not just MOC exhibitors but also volunteers to manage whatever building event we put on.

Can people please indicate their availability and what they would like to bring (if an MOC'er) as a response to this post. As set up time is only a few hours this show is ideal for those layouts that can be set up quickly.

I can bring the convention centre and only if required the Clerys model.

PS can people note the date in their diaries as the holiday season will be kicking off around then.