2016 Events Overview

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With the calendar slowly filling up, especially towards the end of the year, I thought I'd create an overview of the events we are aware of right now with the members that will be attending. If there are other events that people are attending just reply below and I'll update this list.

February 4 Faroige youth club, Drogheda

February 25 Two Mile House National School
Oiley, Dfenz

March 14 Naas Scouts, Naas
Dfenz, Bfenz, JanetvanD

April 22-24 North Down MRS Exhibition, Bangor
Duq & Daisy Duq

May 20-21 Brick.ie Event, Naas Library
Dfenz, Bfenz, Duq, Daisy Duq, Janet VanD, Lostcarpark, Cian, Oiley, IrishNerdLife, Stackyns, Wallyjarek, sjd2012, marz_girl

May 27-28 First Bangor MRC Annual May Exhibition, Bangor

June 19 Kildare County Show, Athy
Dfenz, Bfenz, Duq, Daisy Duq, Janet VanD, Puvel

August 6-7 Dublin ComicCon
Lostcarpark, Janet VanD, Galadin, Dfenz, Bfenz, Duq, Daisy Duq, Stackyns, Puvel, IrishNerdLife

October 1-2 Great Western Lego Show 'STEAM', Swindon

October 8-9 Brick 2016, Glasgow

October 29-30 Brick 2016, Birmingham

October 29-31 MRSI Exhibition, Raheny
Dfenz, Bfenz, Lostcarpark

November 19-20 Brick 2016, London