Brick 2016 - Birmingham

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I have just received a communication from the Brick Live team that the shows for London and Glasgow have been cancelled due to venue issues. In both instances the venues were unable to offer the space that the organisers wanted or on the dates required. In Glasgow's case the exhibitors apparently wanted more days which the organisers couldn't get.

This leaves Birmingham as the only UK event. (There are 3 new 'brick' branded shows to take place in the US this year in Denver, Dallas and New York in July, August and November respectively).

As this is the only UK event it has been extended to run over 4 days from 27 to 30 October which makes it far more worthwhile from an exhibitor perspective. The organisers have options over additional space which will allow them to expand the FanZone with international AFOLs. The MOC submission process will be open in a few weeks.

I have no doubt that those of us that exhibited in London previously will be interested in the Birmingham event especially as it is a bit closer to home with respect to travel arrangements.

One practical issue is that this clashes with the Raheny event. We are fortunate that the Raheny event is no longer one of the three events that count for LUG status but it is still an important event in our calendar. Effectively this means that we will have to participate with a slimmed down MOC offering in Raheny if people are otherwise occupied in Birmingham.