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hi folks

Trev here. I run an event in Dun Laoghaire called the Beatyard, and am looking for anybody here would might be interested in building a 3-d model of the site for us? The festival is focussed on music, food, drink, design, art, tech, science etc, and we've a family area too.

I am working with Declan O'Donnell as our architect for the site [ he's on the telly ] , and designing everything, and in general, design is an important part of the whole event, and i thought it would be cool if i could find someone who might build us a Lego version of that site. Would anyone out there be interested? I appreciate this job might take weeks. Or months ! So maybe its too late. More info

Beyond the above, my Lego credentials are poor. I did it when i was a kid, stopped, and got back into it a bit lately because i've 3 kids now. And i loved the movie. But im not purist, i save that sorta stuff for my music addictions.

I live in Naas btw, and am just wondering if that event you have in the library here is still going? I saw some photos of it, via here, looks absolutely amazing.

thanks, T