Model Railway Society of Ireland Exhibition (not just for train builders)

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I've been discussing the idea of putting on a Lego train display at the Model Railway Society of Ireland's exhibition in October. The details are:

October 23rd to 25th, 2010, at
Saint Paul's College, Sybil Hill, Raheny, Dublin 5.

I would say you can find out more at except that most of the site seems to be out of order at the moment.

They've asked how much space we want. I've provisionally said 4m x 2m. My idea is to have a loop of tables with track laid out for the trains to run on and a space for us to control it all in the middle.

I already have one section more or less ready to go. It's about 2.5m long and has a viaduct running along it, so it will be lower than the rest of the tables (so that the top of the viaduct will line up). I have a railway station that will fill up about a metre length of another table, and I have some other bits and pieces that will fit around it. I reckon we can also fill up some space with a shunting yard.

What I really need from other people...

Train track: I haven't counted up what I have, but I know it won't be enough. Straights are always in short supply, so if you can bring some they would be a big help. I'm thinking of two loops of track, if we can muster enough track for it. If we're short of 9V track, we could consider making one loop using plastic track for PF trains.

Rolling stock: I have a 2900 IE commuter train, a 121 class diesel loco and some Mk3 coaches, and I'm working on an Enterprise steam train. I could also provide plenty of standard Lego trains to fill it out, but it would be nice to have some more Irish rolling stock.

Buildings: The Cafe Corner buildings could fill in some space, but it would be great to have more custom built ones. I would especially like if anyone fancies building notable Irish buildings. Perhaps we could have a castle in the countryside. Or a football stadium... I'm open to ideas!

Scenery: Never underestimate the ability of a couple of baseplates with some layered plates and brick and a few trees to make an empty corner of the layout look interesting. If anyone can make custom trees, they can really bring things to life. Don't forget other things we find dotted around the countryside like telegraph poles, road signs, mobile phone masts, etc.

Vehicles: One flaw of a lot of train layouts is that the real world doesn't only contain trains. Criss-crossing the layout with roads containing cars, lorries, buses adds a lot of character and realism. Again, it would be nice to give them an Irish flavour with well known brands on trucks and Bus Eireann or Dublin Bus liveries.

People: Finally we will want the layout populated with as many minifigs as possible, doing as many things as we can think of. So a couple having a picnic in the countryside, a guy fishing is a stream, hikers, tourists, people on train platforms. We can have a lot of fun adding humorous characters. Putting Spiderman climbing up the side of a building is always fun. Or hiding the Doctor and his Tardis. Or Sponge Bob. Kids love spotting these things.

Hopefully there's still that people who aren't interested in trains can contribute. Also even if you don't have any models to contribute, helping to man the display for a few hours during the weekend would be a huge help.

So please tell me if you're interested in this idea.