Paredes fan weekend 9-11 June 2017

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Hints are being posted that registration for this will open soon. This was a fantastic event last year and even if the unprecedented level and quality of what was provided for the registration fee is reduced I'll still be returning - leave allowing.

Transport was provided to/from Porto, Vigo or Santiago de Compostella airports last year and I think Lisbon - but Lisbon would not be fun due to distance as its over 400km!

Aer Lingus fly to Santiago on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday, Porto Wednesday/Friday/Sunday and Lisbon daily or double-daily

Ryanair do Vigo on Thursday/Sunday, Porto on Monday/Friday and Lisbon daily or double-daily

I would consider hiring a car next year - not intending to use it much if at all during the event due to the transport and the flowing beverages - but for the flexibility of times for arrival/departure and the first night or for adding a day or two of a non-Lego holiday around it.