January 21-22 Brickx Fest Citywest

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As you will have seen in the calendar, an event called Brickx Fest has been scheduled for January 21-22 in Citywest. This is being organised by Kathy Lambkin of Brickx club in aid of two charities, one of which is the Jack and Jill Foundation and the other is a charity targeting orphaned children in China.

More information can be located here regarding the event itself

Brick.ie as a club has declined to participate in this event, primarily due to our belief that
- this an untested event that exposes us to reputational risk
- we believe, from our experience of other events, that the success of the event may depend on the advertised "Amazing LegoTM displays and meetings with master builders" which places undue pressure not only on exhibitors but in particular on the brick.ie admins who would likely have to source and organise such a 'Fanzone'
- our members build as a hobby and to avoid 'burn-out' we are not going to ask our members as a group to participate in extra events at the expense of scheduled events or events that we perceive might be less 'fun' than other opportunities throughout the year
- not all our members may share the same passion for charity events as those more closely attached to specific charities and that participation in charity events (or indeed donations) is generally a personal matter for specific members.

This in no way casts any dispersions on the event organisers who we can only presume know what they are doing. It is always tough to get a new event off the ground. While we might be a bit presumptuous to assume that the reference to 'master builders' is a reference to our members - we are not aware of a big pool of Irish non-brick.ie builders that might be considered 'master builders' - there is no doubt that participation by our members would be a huge boost to the exhibition.

In this regard, members are very welcome to contact the organisers directly and offer their support in terms of models and/or other activities. If you have any questions you can post them here and we can forward them to the organisers but we will not be managing sign-ups, layouts etc. as we would for our own events. In many respects this is not any different from the international events such as Legoworld. Brick, Skaerbaek etc. which our members attend independently and via a sign-up process.