Pro-forma Event Assessment Form

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As we get asked to do lots of events a year I thought it might be helpful to create a pro-forma form which organisers can use to communicate to us answers to FAQ we have and collect entries where we don't organise the event ourselves. If anyone thinks of any other FAQ please comment below and we will amend this form.

Pro-forma Event Assessment Form

This form is used to assess potential events requiring the display of privately owned LEGO models and to provide information to exhibitors and event organisers.

Basic information (to be completed by event organisers):

Event Name: [XYZ model railway show]

Event Organiser: [ABC Railway club]

Date(s) of event: [DD/MM/year to DD/MM/year]

Location of event:

Public opening hours:

Admission fee: [Free or price information]

Exhibitor information (to be completed by applicant (exhibitor)):

Name of applicant: [Joe Bloggs]

Age [<16, 16-17, 18+]

Description of model: [The Fantastic Building]

Link to pictures of model:[insert link]

Space required of model in cm x cm: [width x depth in cm]

How is the model to be viewed? [Long front/ Long front and LR sides/ Short Front/ Short front and LR sides/ All]

Is a power socket required? [Y/N]

Are barriers required? [Y/N]

FAQ (to be completed by event organiser):

1. What will be the set up times?

2. What vehicle access will be available?

3. What will be the take-down time?

4. Will free car-parking be provided to exhibitors?

5. If not, what parking arrangements will exist (if any)?

6. Will power sockets be available (free of charge)?

7. Can crowd barriers be provided (free of charge)?

8. What size tables are expected to be used?

9. Are tables covered?

10. Will lunch be provided to exhibitors?

11. What support package (if any) will be available for exhibitors? [Examples might include free or subsidised accommodation, contributions towards travel costs, free tickets for family members, t-shirts, thank you sets etc.]

12. How many public visitors approximately are expected?

13. Where can I find more information about the event or past events? [Insert link to website or Facebook page]

14. Is the event covered by public liability insurance?

15. What security arrangements are in place? [Relevant for multi-day events where models left overnight]

16. If not ascertainable from the event website, what are the main event attractions for the public?

17. What other information might be of relevance?

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Potential exhibitors are asked to exhibit at many different events, both domestically and internationally. Due to the popularity of LEGO models it is not possible to attend all shows to which invites are (gratefully) received. As part of the process for evaluating possible events some standard information is always required. Event organisers should provide the information requested in the FAQ section to ensure events can properly be assessed by potential exhibitors.

Application forms are also commonly used by organisers of events to evaluate suitable models for display and estimate space requirements in addition to communicating basic information about the event to exhibitors.

Events should not use any LEGO trademarks without express permission of the LEGO Group and should in no way imply, without express permission, that the event is supported by the LEGO Group or LEGO fan clubs such as"