Arranging an exhibition??

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Hi everyone!
I'm new on the website. I wasn't sure where to put up this question, so sorry if I missed a similar topic.
A few of my friends and I, we've been thinking about creating a LEGO buildings exposition in my area. There's a couple of people interested to join and make a landscape models to arrange everything together. I thought, I might just ask You guys, as I can guess, you have a lot of experience on the subject, and besides I hope you'll forgive me for any stupid, silly questions I ask.. Look, I'm just a newbie Nervous Should we ask any representative of LEGO for any permission?? Don't know Obviously we want to have the exposition temporarily and we don't want to use 'LEGO' in the event's name... I'll be grateful with any (even the shortest) answer to my question. Thanks in advance! Smiling