South Dublin Model Railway Club exhibition - Blackrock College - 28-30 October 2017

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We have now received the formal invite for the South Dublin Model Railway Club exhibition in Blackrock College which runs over the Bank Holiday weekend 28-30 October from 11am to 5pm daily.

This event will clash with the Bricklive event in Birmingham so Birmingham participants cannot do both.

Can people please advise in this thread if they are available and interested in participating in this event? It is an important event for us given that it was one of our first events we signed up for and it meets the criteria to complete our three event requirement for RLUG status (Limerick might get there the previous month).

Space is always an issue at these model railway exhibitions so the overall layout will need to be carefully planned, almost down to the baseplate. We'll do that closer to the time once we see who's signed up for this.