Is it time for our own event?

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We've successfully exhibited at trip train shows. The advantage of these is that we don't bear the risk of the event being a flop. The disadvantage is that we don't get the benefits. For example, the take on the door and the raffle (personally, I would use the door take against our costs, and donate the raffle proceeds to charity).

I can't help feeling that a Lego show would be a bigger crowd puller than a train show.

So us it time to start thinking about organising our own event?

We'd need to find a suitable venue, and we'd want a bit more than our train layout, but the layout would be a good start. If a few more people were involved, we could put on an impressive display.

Even if we decide we're not ready yet, it would be good to define the criteria for our own event.

Who's interested?