Skærbæk - LEGO Fan Weekend 2012

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Just got an email from Jan about the Skærbæk event next September. If four of our members are interested in attending we can have a free cabin. It's a great event to attend, with lots of fun stuff going on. Anyone interested?


Date: 28.12.2011

Dear LUG       

The LEGO Fan Weekend Organisation Team has started to plan the next year’s LEGO Fan Weekend (LFW) in Skærbæk, Denmark.  

In 2012 we make a special arrangement to get even more international AFOLs to visit the event and give a little thank you to those AFOLs who have visited the event again and again and for this reason we want to make the 2012 event very special. This time we would like to offer the participating LUGs a cabin free of charge (from Friday to Sunday) and give additional participating AFOLs a very good price for the stay.  

The way it works is that a LUG can register up to six members in one cabin without any costs for the stay from Friday to Sunday and the Saturday night party dinner (additional cost might appear for extra services). A minimum of four LUG members in one cabin is necessary to claim the free cabin. If more than six LUG members are participating the price for additional cabins is DKK 100 per LUG member and 200 DKK per person for Family and Friends (Friday to Sunday) the additional price per night per cabin is DKK 500 (per night from Sunday to Friday).


  • If we are more than six people that would like to participate? 
    Up to six LUG members can stay at the free cabin – all other people have to pay DKK 100 (AFOLs) or DKK 200 (family and friends) to stay in an additional cabin (Friday to Sunday) 
  • We are eight people from our LUG, and would like to stay four and four in two cabins?
    Then one cabin will be free of charge, and the people who stay in the other cabin would have to pay DKK 100 (AFOLs) or DKK 200 (family and friends). 
  • Who decides who will stay in a free cabin if we are more people than six?
    You - the LUG - will have to figure out who will stay for free and who will have to pay. We - The Organisation Team - will have no saying in this! 
  • If we want to stay longer then the event?
    One night extra for one cabin is DKK 500 (Sunday to Friday). 

All AFOLs in LFW 2012 will get the Saturday night party dinner for free if they are staying in a cabin at Skærbæk Fritidscenter. Family and friends have to pay DKK 100 for the Saturday night party dinner. 

So please send us an email ( if you would like to claim your free cabin for your LUG no later then 31.03.2012. If you want claim a cabin for a special price DKK 100 (AFOLs) or DKK 200 (family and friends) please send us an email no later then 30.06.2012. Please notice that also here you have to have minimum amount of 4 people per cabin – if you are less we will put you together with other participants. As faster you are as more likely it is to get a cabin. First come, first serve. You do not have to say who will stay in the cabin, just if you’ll need it so we can save a cabin for your LUG. If you could also be so kind to give an estimate of how many members will participate from you LUG. Please accept that it is the LFW organisation team that takes the decisions about the allocation of the cabins and we have secured a certain amount of cabins and spaces for the party dinner so we can only give you those advantages until we have cabins and space left. 

We will answer the LUGs before 15.05.2011. We will answer all other before 15.08.2011. 

If you have further questions please write an email to

On behalf of  
LEGO Fan Weekend  

Caspar Bennedsen, Peter Vingborg and Jan Beyer
The Organisation Team