Request for Models for Promotional Display

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I received an email from John O’Shaughnessy of Verve Marketing regarding a client of theirs who is launching a new website and is interesting in displaying some Lego models to promote their new site. I have a brief phone chat with John and then he sent me this email:

Hi James,

Good to talk with you.

As discussed, our client is launching a new Irish property website – we’re looking at possibly creating an competition within a shopping mall to guess the number of bricks in an impressive lego model or collection of models.

Something architectural would be perfect – your members might have existing models or be able to help us build a bespoke lego sign to go with the model.

If this would be of interest, perhaps you might send me on some links to photos of your work and your member’s work.

Once I’ve gone through the idea with the client, we can then discuss time frames and budgets etc.

Thanks for your time, kind regards,


I sent him links to some of mine and Nathan's models. If you are interested, please post here, and if you'd like me to send and links to models on to John, please post them too and I'll pass them on.

If a display event goes ahead, naturally the client would be paying the builders for their time and the use of their models. It's obviously too early to say when or where it would be, so I'm just gauging general interest at this point.

This would potentially be an opportunity to get our name in the public domain and get the club some positive publicity, and hopefully bring some other Lego fans out of hiding.