Gauging interest for a public display event

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I've been talking with someone about an event they're running in September (they got in touch because they say my model of Drogheda Animal Rescue. They would like to have Lego models on display, and she's also wondering if anyone would be interested in hosting workshops (such as Mindstorms).

At the moment I'd just like to know how much interest there is in such an event, and whether people have models they'd like to display.

I'm still sounding out what the event would entail, and what would be expected of us, so it may come to naught if her expectations are unrealistic. If this event doesn't work out, I feel we should be on the lookout for a suitable event where we can put on a Lego display, as it doesn't make sense to try to hold our own event until we've shown we can put on a big display and draw in crowds.