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Apologies for not posting before the fact. Smiling

In one of my other secret lives, I read, write and attend science fiction conventions. Octocon is the national Irish convention, and the committee asked me to run a Lego Workshop at it.

Although I'm suspicious of anything calling itself a workshop that doesn't involve light industry, I agreed, and I turned up on Sunday with several boxes of bricks and some of my own models. I set up the bricks on one table and my models on another.

It went reasonably well, although I think lots of people didn't realise it was on, so they arrived in dribs and drabs, built something, then left again. If I do it again, I think I'd like to make it a bit more structured and have a definite start and end time and make sure people actually know about it. But it was still nice to do, and my models got lots of favourable comments.

I also think this would qualify for Lego's definition of a public display, so if we're short one for a LugBulk order, I'd definitely put this one down.