The Big meet 2013

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It's time to organise our first annual meeting.
Yes, we have our monthly chat in the pub and sometimes people even bring a small MOC but it's not a proper Lego meeting. So this year we're going to have a proper event. We haven't decided where or when or what we're going to do, but that's what this thread is for.
One thing I can reveal is that thanks to the new LUG-support programme we have been given some set by Lego to use as prizes at the event. That of course means we need some competition. Again, please post your ideas in this thread.

So to kick things off. I would suggest picking a date in early summer, say June. In July many people will be on holiday, in August we'll probably have Dun Laoghaire again. Before deciding on a location let's first see who would be interested. And yes, I understand the location will for some people decide whether or not they will attend but you have to start somewhere.

For competition I'd like to organise the Wacky Races. It's a game that everyone can participate in and that has proven to be good fun at many LUG events. In short: you have a ramp and a long clear floor. Everyone builds one or more cars and those cars are launched from the top of the ramp. The car that travels furthest wins the heat.

So let's hear all your ideas, suggestions and opinions!