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Lego World Copenhagen 2013 - 17
Lego World Copenhagen 2013 - 37
Jurassic Brick Struthiomimus Diorama by janetvand

Brick.ie is the Irish community for AFOLs, Adult Fans of Lego. Our aim is to bring together Lego fans in Ireland or with a connection to Ireland to form a strong community, both online and offline.

At present there is no membership charge - to join register an account, then post to our forum stating you'd like to be a member. Until you do you will only have limited access to the site.

Our forum will host lively discussion about all aspects of the brick, while we will hold regular gatherings of Lego fans to establish face-to-face contact.

Please use the contact form if you would like to get in touch with us.

Latest News

Naas Library Event fast approaching

Our first official event of the year is fast approaching. On 19 May from 2pm and during library hours on Saturday 20th, over 20 brick.ie members will reveal their latest creations at Naas Library. This is believed to be the largest gathering of AFOL builders ever in Ireland, not even counting those brick.ie members amongst the visitors.

In what has become a brick.ie flag-ship event, this year's models will include everything from large city buildings to moving trains, trams, buses and trucks. The artists amongst us have produced some great mosaics while the historians will love our Jurassic zone featuring part one of our dinosaur display. (You'll only have to wait a few weeks for part two). Star Wars fans will love our expanded Hoth base in the midst of an exhibition that also includes medieval scenes, a castle siege, a replica of the White House and lots lots more.

The end of an era

The easter weekend will see the closure of a great Dublin pub with over 100 years history. Jack Nealon's on Capel street is not just any pub, it's where we have held our monthly brick.ie meetings for the past 6 years. The interior has changed little since it first opened and according to experts the ceiling is one of the finest examples of ornate plasterwork in Dublin.

Unfortunately Nama has sold the load on the property to American vulture fun Oaktree who have now decided that they want to change function of the building to something other than a public house. So because some suits in a boardroom somewhere in America looked at a spreadsheet and decided they need some more profit we are losing a fine pub in Dublin.

While it's probably too little too late please sign this petition.

Brick.ie at the North Down Model Railway Society Exhibition

Come see our display at the North County Down Model Railway Show which will be held at Bangor Grammar School in Bangor. We are looking forward to the weekend and to meeting all the rail enthusiasts in the area. There will be lots to see and not just for train enthusiasts!
The show will be open 10am to 5pm on Saturday 22nd and 12pm to 5pm on Sunday 23rd April.

Find North County Down Model Railway Society on facebook.