Plant Monster Invasion

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Evil, alien plant monsters have erupted from the streets in the centre of town.!Minifigures run in terror as maelevolent vines and tendrils burst through windows and invade buildings! But never fear, our trusty friends, the DC Superheros, are rushing to the rescue!

Many elements came together (literally!) to form this ensemble work. Architecture, organic forms, pop culture, high drama and humour are combined in a fun way to make you smile and, hopefully, with enough detail to keep you looking for a long while! The model is designed to be viewed from all sides, so for lots more detail, please go to
(click on the folder option on the left-hand side)

The entire display is comprised of 19,941 pieces and took just under three months to build. It is making its debut at BRICK Live London next week, providing it survives the perilous air transport!

Credit for the minifigure placement and various superhero scenarios goes to my son, Faolán, whose attention to detail and quirky sense of humour brought the finished model to life.

Plant Monster Invasion