St Ann's Church

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This is my latest MOC. Its based on St Ann's church in Dawson Street Dublin although its not an exact replica. It took about 5 weeks to complete. It still needs some minor decals but the heavy lifting is done. It has lots of 'stained-glass' windows and has three separate sets of LED lights. I've used the wheel in the General Grevious bike to create the central window. The mosaic in the courtyard pavement isn't my own design - its based on a design in the Beautiful Lego book. The adjoining building has yet to be equipped with furniture but Bfenz is working on that. Its also got lighting, this time built into ceilings and walls via a cavity section which also feeds staircase and rear security lights.

[Edit: According to a Newstalk transcript I came across, in December 1878, Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula, was married in St Anne’s Church to 20-year-old Florence Balcombe]

St Ann's Church