Belfast Titanic Centre - Big Build Weekend

21 Jun 2014
22 Jun 2014

The Brick City exhibition will be hosted at the Titanic Belfast centre until 12 July. During the run there will be a weekend where Irish builders will be asked to display their models.

This event has now been confirmed for 21 and 22 June. Admission is free with a Brick City ticket. Check with Titanic Belfast for information on how to gain access to the event.

Expected displays include:

Heuston Station and Irish Rail trains, Dublin buses and trams and misc. city buildings including Jack Nealon's pub
German train station and steam locomotives
Airport loosely based on London City Airport
Tombraider - the lost valley
Zulu - Battel of Rorke's Drift
British imperial ships - some up to a metre in length
and lots more...

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