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You wouldn't believe how many times we get this question, about of all sorts of hard-to-find LEGO sets. There seem to be a lot of people looking for the Batman Tumbler in particular, as it was only on the market for a short time, and seemed to disappear before many toy stores had even received stock.

We have three suggestions...

  1. Look for it on various websites where people sell out-of-production sets. Bricklink and eBay are probably the most popular places to look. Condition can vary from never opened boxes to heavily played with and incomplete sets, so make sure you know what you're buying. In most cases you'll pay more than you would have when the set was in the shops, especially if you want it in pristine condition.
  2. Recreate it. You can download the instructions for most recent sets from the LEGO Website (the Tumbler instructions can be found here). Instructions for older sets can often be found on Peeron. Parts lists can also be found on Bricklink and Peeron. Any parts you don't have already you will almost certainly be able to obtain from either Bricklink or LEGO Pick-a-Brick Online. For many rare sets, this can work out cheaper than buying the whole set, and there can be a great feeling of satisfaction when you complete it.
  3. Reinvent it. If you're going to the trouble of hunting down parts, why not see if you can improve on the set design? Quite a few fans have their own versions of the Tumbler, and if yours is particularly good, it might make it onto one of the LEGO fan websites like The Brothers Brick.