*Live Price Comparisons Across Retailers

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    Just posting this here as it might be useful to some people when deciding where/when to purchase sets.

    The site is: http://www.lughq.com

    It's a pet project I've been working on for about 2/3 years now but only recently decided to make it publicly available, the site keeps track of set prices across different on-line retail stores, the prices are checked once an hour and if there is a change it will be reflected on the relevant set page.

    Currently the site only checks 3 retailers in Ireland as I want to see how feasible/maintainable the project is over a longer period of time and when I start to add more stores.

    I have tons of plans on where the site can go for example: price alerts, price trends, price percentage increases/decreases, submission of discount/'shelf' prices per store by site users, location specific information, stock levels and so on, but all depends on what type of feedback I get.

    Have a look and be honest about what you think, don't forget it's only a beta site so there might be bugs, missing images, black holes (I hope I caught most of the teething issues) etc.

    P.S. - Thanks James for letting me post it here.

    *The price information is updated every 60 minutes, if there is no change then no update will be seen on the price for the store in question.