Minifig Quad

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More MOD than MOC I've improved the quad from set 60148 a bit at the cost of 4 extra parts...

Minifig Quad by Duq, on Flickr

I've played with quads when we visited family in Nevada (great fun!) and when I saw set 60148 the quads just looked... wrong. I got the set because I like the truck but those quads needed fixing.
The mudguards on a quad are meant to protect the rider, not whoever is in front or behind. The designer missed that point and put the mudguards on like you would for a car. Then he forgot to put them on the back!
As I was fiddling with the quad to add the mudguards I decided to also add footpegs and a carrier on the back.

With all that the parts count only went from 20 to 24 (counting rim+tyre as one).

Fetching set 60148-1...