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The easiest way to post pictures of your MOC is by putting them on Flickr. Flickr gives you free image hosting and as a bonus there's a lively LEGO community in various groups.
Sign up for a Yahoo account:
Then start uploading on

Once your picture is there, it is easy to share:

Flickr - BBCode link by Duq, on Flickr

Click on the share (arrow) icon, then select 'BBCode', pick a width around 640px and copy the bit of code that's highlighted. You paste that code in your post and that's all there is to it.

If you have a picture on some other image hosting site you can still insert it into your post using the [img] and [url] tags:
Again, use an image up to 640 wide to put in the post, you can link to the large version.

So this:
Will do this: