Naas Library Event fast approaching

Our first official event of the year is fast approaching. On 19 May from 2pm and during library hours on Saturday 20th, over 20 members will reveal their latest creations at Naas Library. This is believed to be the largest gathering of AFOL builders ever in Ireland, not even counting those members amongst the visitors.

In what has become a flag-ship event, this year's models will include everything from large city buildings to moving trains, trams, buses and trucks. The artists amongst us have produced some great mosaics while the historians will love our Jurassic zone featuring part one of our dinosaur display. (You'll only have to wait a few weeks for part two). Star Wars fans will love our expanded Hoth base in the midst of an exhibition that also includes medieval scenes, a castle siege, a replica of the White House and lots lots more.

For literary fans, for the first time in Ireland, we will be displaying a replica of the Secret Garden from the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and LEGO plant lovers will be happy that even that won't be the only garden there. We've LEGO Mindstorms technology in use, but you might have to look very hard to find where ...

We know what its like to be a kid in a candy shop, so we're bringing along our brick pits again to let the little ones (and perhaps not so little ones) play with some bricks and show off what they can build. [Not suitable for children under 3].

It promises to be a very exciting weekend.