Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021. Here's hoping it is better than 2020.

While our physical shows are on hold due to Covid we continue to host monthly zoom calls for members. Check the forum for details. Unfortunately we have had to postpone our flagship Brick Féile event again, this time to July 2022 where hopefully we will all be able to safely host events 'in the brick'.

For anyone needing a reminder of what our exhibitions are about, we were fortunate enough to be featured on Ireland AM for International LEGO Day on the 28 January where we had some some models live in the studio. Those needing their LEGO event fix can check out the main segment here: https://www.virginmediatelevision.ie/player/show/809/180968/0/International-Lego-Day .

We also had some models in the Arnotts Department Store Christmas Windows over the holiday period just gone. The
LEGO parcels were so realistic you may have missed that they were even made out of LEGO!

One piece of good news is that LEGO.com deliveries appear to back to normal following temporary Brexit-related delivery issues. So everyone can keep on clicking!

Stay safe