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Loot of the day

We all find great deals from time to time that are either one-off's, that last item of old stock on a shelf, great ebay steals etc. This thread is for sharing with us those great finds without clogging up the sales and deals threads which should remain focused on deals that are potentially repeatable, usually in the major toy stores or online.

I'll start the ball rolling by confirming that the Littlewoods offer posted a few weeks back in the sales and deals section showing the Mystery Mansion
View set 75904 at Brickset
as available for delivery a few weeks later for €39.99 (free postage) has been honoured (LS@H price is €89.99) and Breda's set arrived today. Good parts for that price.

Duffy's Toyworld, Dunleer


We found a fantastic toy store in the small Louth town of Dunleer. They have a big selection, though a relatively small LEGO area (but quite well stocked - they have a great selection of Architecture sets, for example). The owner said they would love to have a bigger LEGO section, but they can't get enough stock off LEGO.

Anyway, I picked up this:

View set 7962 at Brickset

for €99, which is normal retail price, but it's been OOP a couple of years, so not a bad price. They have a couple of more if anyone's interested. I noticed a couple of other OOP sets too.


I opened a Bricklink Store!

I had to move all my Lego twice over the last couple of months which made me realise that I had far too much. I have loads of unopened boxes, mostly duplicates of sets I have opened and “unmissable” bargains or sets that had some useful parts for a MOC that never got used etc., so I have opened a Bricklink shop! I am probably mad Surprised

The store is

There are over 20,000 new parts listed and I hope to get that to over 50,000 in the next few weeks. I just added 7783 - The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion.

There are over 300 polys and early Mixel series sets, I don't plan to list large sets due to postal costs.

To generate some feedback I am offering members 15% off orders for the next week and free postage in Ireland on orders over €30. If ordering please mention in the comments Eye-wink


Large Quantity of LEGO for sale in Dublin Area

Hi all.

It is not me, and I am not getting any commission out of this, I am just passing on the information.

A brother of a Work Colleague of mine is looking to sell a large quantity of lego, over 200Kg, quickly.

He also has a lot of Star Wars sets, MSIB.

At the moment it is stored in a school classroom, and he needs to be out of it by next Monday.

He has a lot of the loose LEGO sorted by colour in large lots.

If anyone is interested I can pass on the contact details.


Smyths Naas fire damaged

This is likely to be of note to the Fenz's at the very least:

Not sure how soon it'll reopen or anything else details-wise really.

Favourite Bricklink Stores

Do many users here have a favourite store(s) they use frequently on Bricklink?

I found one store in Kerry which has no added fees and is very fair with regards to postage. Sometimes though they don't have all the pieces I need and I have to shop elsewhere.

Are they any Irish stores ye would recommend? (I prefer to buy from Irish stores where possible).


71014 DFB – The Mannschaft Minifigures [German Football team CMFs]

For anyone that missed their very brief appearance on S@H they are back in stock. They moved from "Sold Out" to "Temporarily Out of Stock" on Monday so I guess LEGO did a second run.

Brand compatibility

Hi everyone,
This is probably a question you have been asked before. There are so many different brands of bricks available from a multitude of manufacturers. The price variance is dramatic to say the least.

I'm wondering if they are Lego compatible. An example is Duplo bricks I assume they are compatible but what about the cheaper sets available through stores such as Tuthills, Euro Store, Dealz, Mr. Price which are all different brands mostly from China and other far eastern countries.

I'm currently planning out a model and have ordered several individual parts direct from Lego to gauge sizes etc during the planning stage, but I'd prefer to buy cheaper when possible.

(I've looked on bricklink etc and I will be using these sites)

Any information is appreciated.

Series 16 minifigs

Just spotted some pics of the series 16 minifigs on brick picker - 2 suits this round. Will have to get them early before they've all been palapated away Smiling

Recall of Series 15 Minifigures?

Rumours are emerging that there has been a recall on Series 15 LEGO Collectible Minifigures. The minifigs have seemingly been pulled from (US) online shops and stores although I note they are still available on LS@H europe. Supposedly a legal issue has arisen, causing an emergency product withdrawal, but no other info is available. Might be time to pick up some series 15 minifigs especially the shark if you believe these rumours to be true.

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