Buying Lego in Ireland


anyone know where to get polybags or anyone have some for sale(not too expensive)

Art & Hobby LEGO

I was in the Art and Hobby shop yesterday and noticed the new Racing Bike Transport (60084) for only €21.99. That's €2 cheaper than Smyths and €2.50 cheaper than Argos. I didn't record all the prices, but there may be a similar difference for some other new sets. The new baseplates were roughly the same prices as in Smyths. Collectible minifigures from series 12 and 13 are €2.99 each, but they also have the 6 for the price of 5 offer that Toymaster have.

It's also a good place to go for recently discontinued sets as I've found some City, Lord of the Rings, Lone Ranger and Spongebob out of production sets among others in various branches during some recent visits.

Baseplates in stores increasing in price!

Just a heads-up that it appears that the prices of all baseplates are increasing in the stores. They come in a new wrapping. Last week after the meeting we noticed in Smyths that the large 48x48 grey baseplates in the old shrink-wrap film were €12.99 whereas the newly packaged ones were €16.99. When seeking out Bricklink prices for baseplates I also noticed a very large increase in the average price of these.

Anyone looking for 32x32 green baseplates should also note that there is a colour change to the brighter green while the blue 32x32 baseplates are no longer being sold. Instead the shift is to tan 32x32 baseplates.

Maybe a case of get them while you can.

Anyone in Lugbulk 2015 should also bear this in mind.

LEGO star wars price comparison

As is traditional at this stage here are the early LS@H prices for some of the 2015 star wars sets with the German benchmark for comparison purposes.

LEGO apocalypse at Smyths?

LEGO apocalypse at Smyths?

Is this an apocalyptic scene from Smyths or simply evidence of the popularity of LEGO Friends this Christmas?

2015 sets availability

I was in Smyths, Jervis St. earlier this evening and noticed a number of new City sets on the shelf.

New toy shop in town: The Toy Box

Noticed a new toy shop in Liffey Valley retail park yesterday, in the same spot where World of Wonder was years ago: right beside Argos.
The Toy Box (
Limited selection and from what I can see prices around the Smyths / Toymaster level. Didn't notice any interesting offers.

LEGO Movie DVD and Blu-Ray with Vitruvius minifigure now available

The special editions of the LEGO Movie with the exclusive Vitruvius minifigure are now available in Ireland. I found both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions in Golden Discs (Nutgrove) earlier today. The DVD is €14 and the Blu-Ray is €18. No sign of either in Tesco yet, but I imagine it will soon be available in other stores.

Series 13........:o

Just been reading thebrickfan and there is a list of new minifigures that looks like they will be the Series 13 minifigures. There was also a picture of some minifigures on the back of the UK Lego Club magazine. Here's the list they have:

Galaxy Trooper
Alien Trooper
Evil Wizard
Lady Cyclops
Snake Charmer
Hot Dog Guy
Disco Diva
Unicorn Girl
Egyptian Warrior

Looks like they're rehashing a lot of them but I can't wait for the Carpenter, Unicorn girl and Sheriff. What do you guys think?

Series 12

Picked up last 6 in stock in the 3 for 2 in Argos Naas.
No 1 The Wizard is fantastic with great detail in the cloak and torso and I think the majority of figures look great..
But I am shocked at the pricing of €3.49.
Considering that the Simpsons average €2.79 I wonder if Lego are simply cashing in on the success of the Movie ?
P.S. I have a sealed Dino hunter to trade for Princess with frog if anyone is interested.

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