Buying Lego in Ireland

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Polybags in UK Daily Mail for early May

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I found a mention of Polybags coming in the Daily Mail in the UK for early May. Does that mean that they could be here in the ROI too?

I'm going to be in England May3-5th at Legoland, hopefully it happens then and I can get a bunch.

Toys "R" Us

Hi all.

There is an article in the Buisness section of today's Irish Independent about the possibility of Toys "R" Us moving into Ireland.

Very short article online.

More detail in the printed paper, plan to open 6 stores "in dublin and other parts of the country".

Article also mentions that they will be competion for Smyths Toys.


Tubs of bricks at Smartspot

Smartspot shops are selling 1.5kg tubs of used Lego for €25, and buying it at €10/kg. How does that price sound? I'm wondering if there's going to be some good bits in there, minifigs perhaps. I may stop by the Navan shop to see what they have.

Actually, I crunched some numbers and that's the best deal per kg of Lego around.

There's a Lego Classic set with 580 pieces at Smyths on sale for €27. Someone on is selling 1.13kg for €25, and someone else is selling only 300 pieces for €30 in Carlow. 1.5kg, or around 1200 pieces, for €25 looks like a bargain. Assuming that the tub isn't half full or filled with Duplo.

Easons LEGO

I was looking at the selection of sets available in Easons. Some of the prices are around the same as Smyths and Argos, although I noticed some that are cheaper, like the new Star Wars battle packs for €14.99 and the Easter Bunny set for €7.99. Easons loyalty card system is also useful for saving on LEGO purchases. For every 250 points collected, €2.50 can be taken off an Easons purchase.

Toy Box shop in Fonthill / Liffey Valley

I stopped by the Toy Box shop that is beside the Argos in Liffey Valley. They have loads of older Lego sets, but nothing is on sale. But some of their prices were lower. For instance, they smaller base plates in green and blue were €7.99 while they were €9.49 next door at Argos, and €8.99 at Smyths. The little City Snowmobile was a Euro cheaper than at Argos too.

I asked the salesperson if they ever had sales and she sort of shrugged and said "not really".

I just looked online and they have a good price on the City Coastguard ship set, €55. It's €64 at Smyths.

View set 60014 at Brickset

Double VIP points with lego shop at home(March 14th-29th)

Just to let everyone know lego shop at home is offering double vip points at the moment. Also spend over 30 on anything and get

View set 30259 at Brickset

For free. Great time to pick up new sets . Also rrp of most superheroes sets are below or equal to smyths and argos
P.S. feel free to fix my image link to polybag. Can't seem to get it right!

modular buildings

Anyone know anywhere to get modular buildings in Ireland?
Also would it cost much more then the rrp to bricklink grand emporium?


anyone know where to get polybags or anyone have some for sale(not too expensive)

Art & Hobby LEGO

I was in the Art and Hobby shop yesterday and noticed the new Racing Bike Transport (60084) for only €21.99. That's €2 cheaper than Smyths and €2.50 cheaper than Argos. I didn't record all the prices, but there may be a similar difference for some other new sets. The new baseplates were roughly the same prices as in Smyths. Collectible minifigures from series 12 and 13 are €2.99 each, but they also have the 6 for the price of 5 offer that Toymaster have.

It's also a good place to go for recently discontinued sets as I've found some City, Lord of the Rings, Lone Ranger and Spongebob out of production sets among others in various branches during some recent visits.

Baseplates in stores increasing in price!

Just a heads-up that it appears that the prices of all baseplates are increasing in the stores. They come in a new wrapping. Last week after the meeting we noticed in Smyths that the large 48x48 grey baseplates in the old shrink-wrap film were €12.99 whereas the newly packaged ones were €16.99. When seeking out Bricklink prices for baseplates I also noticed a very large increase in the average price of these.

Anyone looking for 32x32 green baseplates should also note that there is a colour change to the brighter green while the blue 32x32 baseplates are no longer being sold. Instead the shift is to tan 32x32 baseplates.

Maybe a case of get them while you can.

Anyone in Lugbulk 2015 should also bear this in mind.

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