Buying Lego in Ireland

LOTR & Hobbit Lego

Hey Folks,

The Lego sickness has well and truly gripped me once more. Any lego I have bought previously was either from a shop in town (e.g Smyths) or from the Lego website. However, my two favourite collections Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are both retired so I will have to look further afield to complete my collection.

If anyone is selling any LOTR or the Hobbit lego please let me know.

Also, as I am new to buying outside of the usual channels, could anyone suggest places to buy. From reading through the forums, these seem like the places to go


Lastly, when buying from the likes of Amazon do people use the likes of parcel motel to get the Lego delivered to the Repblic?

Thanks for your help

When is best time to buy these items to avail of VIP Promotions?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but need a big of advise on organising my buying!
Currently planning to buy Winter Village Toy Shop, Santas Workshop & Modular Pet Shop...may stretch to the Detective Agency.

Would like to avail of the freebies ( the small train and gingerbread house) if I can, so am watching closely to see when they are available. Am I taking a big chance in " waiting" and in what order should I buy. This is my first year buying a Winter Village set from the Lego website itself, as only discovered them after they had sold out last year.
I know they were sold out at New Year. Will the toyshop sell out that quickly after all it has been " done" before, so thought there was a lot of lego fans who were very disappointed and planning to boycott the toyshop Eye-wink

Lego sale?


A guy in Smyth's last night said that there was a Lego, shop at home sale coming up. Could anyone confirm that this is the case?

Or is it double VIP points, wnt to pick up the Christmas set and a few bits not I'm shops here


Apparent Smyths discount weekend this weekend

Have heard some rumours of this, will check tomorrow to see if they've booked ad copy for it... 20% off most stuff if it is.

Series 14 collectable minifigs

I don't think anyone has mentioned seeing the monster minifigs in the wild...

I saw them in Argos yesterday.

However at €3.50 each, I'll wait till somewhere has a multi buy offer. Smiling


Collectible Minifigures sealed case?

I'd like to buy a sealed case of the new Series 14 CMFs. How does one go about this? Will a shop sell me one? I can't seem to find the option on S@H either.


Irish Bricklink shops?

Does any of you have a Bricklink shop? I'm looking to buy some bricks and I'd like to shop local, if I can. There's a pcbricks shop run by a dragal, but those names don't correspond to anyone on here.


Toys R Us in Northern Ireland

I was passing through NI this weekend and stopped at the Toys R Us in Derry. They had some of the new City Space and Deep Sea sets. They also were having a special on collectible minifigs, buy 3 for the price of 2, which was €2.49 each. If anyone is going to be near a TRU then it may be worth a stop.

Flatiron Architecture set

Someone once asked me about bringing them the Flatiron Architecture from the USA in case it wasn't sold in Europe. Well, it looks like it should be at Smyth's soon.

View set 21023 at Brickset

Polybags in UK Daily Mail for early May

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I found a mention of Polybags coming in the Daily Mail in the UK for early May. Does that mean that they could be here in the ROI too?

I'm going to be in England May3-5th at Legoland, hopefully it happens then and I can get a bunch.

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