Buying Lego in Ireland

Series 12

Picked up last 6 in stock in the 3 for 2 in Argos Naas.
No 1 The Wizard is fantastic with great detail in the cloak and torso and I think the majority of figures look great..
But I am shocked at the pricing of €3.49.
Considering that the Simpsons average €2.79 I wonder if Lego are simply cashing in on the success of the Movie ?
P.S. I have a sealed Dino hunter to trade for Princess with frog if anyone is interested.

Winter Village Market set available in Toymaster

Yesterday I was in Banba Toymaster, Dublin and saw they had a few copies of set
View set 10235 at Brickset
available for around EUR95.00. This set is currently unavailable from Shop at Home, although since it's a winter themed set, it might become available again before Christmas.

Old sets found

Every so often we come across old sets long out of production that stores still have in stock. Bfenz came across two sets today in a shop in Naas that used to sell lots of LEGO many many years ago but now focuses on arts and craft materials for schools.

They were

View set 5964 at Brickset

View set 3610 at Brickset

Lets see who comes across the oldest sets languishing on retailer shelves.

Retail prices in Ireland

I was in Smyths the other day and was amazed by some of the prices of sets. A few years ago we were getting pretty good deals overhere with sets at the Shop at home price or below but those days are over. The problem seems to be that our major suppliers buy through the UK and at the moment the pound is quite expensive.

A few examples:
75049 Snowspeeder:
Shop at Home: €39.99
Smyths: €44.99
Argos: €45.99 (currently €41.79

75052 Mos Eisley canteen:
Shop at Home: €79.99
Smyths: €84.99
Argos: €85.49

21108 Ghostbusters
Shop at Home: €49.99
Smyths: €57.99
Argos: €58.99

31026 Bike shop & Cafe
Shop at Home: €69.99
Smyths: €79.99
Argos: Not available

Aer Lingus have gone to the Dark Side

For the past few years Aer Lingus have sold the Lego airline exclusive set on their flights. Coming back from Billund/Copenhagen I found that they're now selling Best Lock. I bought the set out of curiosity and it was pretty much as bad as expected; big gaps, 'scars' of extra plastic from leaking molds, loose hands in the minifig...

My advice: don't waste your €12 on this rubbish.

Complete by Duq, on Flickr

Simpsons minifigures

Picked up Simpson's minifigures in Argos Stephens Green today.
€2.89 each.

new lego movie collectible minifigs available

The new lego movie minifigs are available in smyths for e2.89 each. The sets were also in naas.

2014 sets availability

I see that Smyths have loaded up prices for new Star Wars sets which are resumably available in store. There are a lot of items released including the new mini sets. All Smyths prices match LS@H Ireland except set 75043 which is €5 cheaper on LS@H.

75045 54.99
75040 24.99 (Argos 25.49)
75043 74.99 (Argos 75.99)
75029 10.99 (mini) (Argos 11.39) (all mini sets)
75030 10.99 (mini)
75042 54.99 (Argos 56.99)
75038 24.99
75035 14.99 (battlepack)
75031 10.99 (mini)
75041 24.99 (Argos 25.49)
75033 10.99 (mini)
75028 10.99 (mini)
75032 10.99 (mini)
75034 14.99 (bp)
75037 17.99
75039 24.99 (Argos 25.49)

75044 (Argos only 44.39)

LS@H have the coruscant police set 75046 for 59.99 which isn't in Smyths so maybe it will be an Argos exclusive.

Toys R Us UK now deliver to Southern Ireland

Right, I know that buying from TRU can be expensive, but I found this interesting and ordered some other toys for the boys ( non Lego).
TRU do sometimes have some good deals and I was able to finally use my BOI Visa debt online to make payment.

Anyway the instructions for using an Irish address is here:
Plus, sign up for their gold card and earn points.

Hope you find this interesting.


New hobbit sets in smyths

I was in smyths naas tonight. They had the new hobbit sets. 79011 to 79014.

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