Buying Lego in Ireland

Looking for LEGO books this Christmas

At this time of year people are often on the lookout for books to give as presents. For the LEGO fan or child in your life perhaps a LEGO ralated book might be just the thing. In that regard I came across this useful thread over at the Brothers brick site which has a list of the books released so far in 2013 and those in the pipeline.

I presume these are or will be available from the usual outlets, more likely online at places like book depository, book people or amazon.

If anyone has any of these maybe they'd like to post a few (balanced) comments on them here.

Clark Kent minifig

I saw today that Tesco have the Clark Kent minifig on offer as part of the new LEGO Batman DVD (blu-ray version only). Its €10 in tesco (€7 without minifigure for ordinary DVD)

Buying Lego for kg

Hi, is it good idea to buy Lego by kg?
What is good price for 1kg of Lego?

Entire Lego collection for sale

Well what more can I say... need to buy a car and it is sitting in my parents house in Ireland... I will post rough inventory's so anyone let me know if you are interested in bulk buying base plates, blue bricks etc

Lego Shop at home vip

Just wondering how you sign up for this. I haven't bought from Shop at home yet. Do you sign up on or after your first purchase or can you do it before hand.

Confused about it, as I tired to sign up but haven't been able to register as a vip.


Lego Sets 4438 and 3361

I'm on the look out for these two sets:
4438 Robbers Hideout
3661 Bank And Money Transfer

for my 6 soon to be six year old son! (Birthday and Christmas)
Any one seen them in any shops lately, if so can you let me know, or if any one has then for sale?
I realise that they are both limited edition sets.
I'm in the Midlands so could travel to pick them up.


Series 11

Got some series 11 today in Argos Liffey Valley €2.39.I think its one of the best yet.
Only bought three as you can't use the touchy feely method in Argos.

de loreans available in smyths

I was in smyths naas today and was surprised to find the delorean
View set 21103 at Brickset
on the shelf. Its priced at e44.99

Does Dublin need a specialised Lego fan shop?

I know Introductions is not exactly the right place for this question but I'm not allowed to post it in the Buying Lego in Ireland forum. Sorry about that.

The idea appeared during a conversation with a friend who found a lego fan shop in Poland. That shop, apart from current catalogue sets available everywhere, sold older sets that wouldn't be on shelves in superstores anymore and really vintage boxes too. Also current sets that are rare to be found in big stores (like Architecture for example). There was also a huge collection of minifigs including all the Star Wars characters that ever appeared in lego sets and video games. That much I know from my friend's description.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't seem to be a place like that anywhere in Dublin. I wonder would there be demand for it.

I'd like to hear what you guys think about it.

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