Baseplates in stores increasing in price!

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Just a heads-up that it appears that the prices of all baseplates are increasing in the stores. They come in a new wrapping. Last week after the meeting we noticed in Smyths that the large 48x48 grey baseplates in the old shrink-wrap film were €12.99 whereas the newly packaged ones were €16.99. When seeking out Bricklink prices for baseplates I also noticed a very large increase in the average price of these.

Anyone looking for 32x32 green baseplates should also note that there is a colour change to the brighter green while the blue 32x32 baseplates are no longer being sold. Instead the shift is to tan 32x32 baseplates.

Maybe a case of get them while you can.

Anyone in Lugbulk 2015 should also bear this in mind.