Toy Box shop in Fonthill / Liffey Valley

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Steve Valasek
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    I stopped by the Toy Box shop that is beside the Argos in Liffey Valley. They have loads of older Lego sets, but nothing is on sale. But some of their prices were lower. For instance, they smaller base plates in green and blue were €7.99 while they were €9.49 next door at Argos, and €8.99 at Smyths. The little City Snowmobile was a Euro cheaper than at Argos too.

    I asked the salesperson if they ever had sales and she sort of shrugged and said "not really".

    I just looked online and they have a good price on the City Coastguard ship set, €55. It's €64 at Smyths.

    Fetching set 60014-1...