Tubs of bricks at Smartspot

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Steve Valasek
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    Smartspot shops are selling 1.5kg tubs of used Lego for €25, and buying it at €10/kg. How does that price sound? I'm wondering if there's going to be some good bits in there, minifigs perhaps. I may stop by the Navan shop to see what they have.


    Actually, I crunched some numbers and that's the best deal per kg of Lego around.

    There's a Lego Classic set with 580 pieces at Smyths on sale for €27. Someone on donedeal.ie is selling 1.13kg for €25, and someone else is selling only 300 pieces for €30 in Carlow. 1.5kg, or around 1200 pieces, for €25 looks like a bargain. Assuming that the tub isn't half full or filled with Duplo.