Santa Maria della Salute, Venice - Architecture

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Markus Rollbühler
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    Hello everyone!

    I just came back from Chicago and Brickworld two days ago and I can finally show you what I worked on for a couple of months this year. Some of you already saw this beauty in one form or another.

    Last year I built the Frauenkirche Dresden (exhibited in Dublin last year) and ever since I was hooked on Architecture scale. This year I wanted to push the limits that this scale creates even further.
    An event in Norway and Brickworld offered a playground as I wanted to show something new next to the old one and after a while I settled on the Santa Maria della Salute, an iconic church from Venice, Italy. I spent so many summer vacations in Italy and almost every year we would venture into Venice - this church surely left a lasting impression.

    Santa Maria della Salute, Venice by Markus, auf Flickr

    Click on the link to see the full resolution. What do you think?

    I already miss the monthly meetings. Promise I will be back soon!

    All the best from Germany