When is best time to buy these items to avail of VIP Promotions?

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but need a big of advise on organising my buying!
    Currently planning to buy Winter Village Toy Shop, Santas Workshop & Modular Pet Shop...may stretch to the Detective Agency.

    Would like to avail of the freebies ( the small train and gingerbread house) if I can, so am watching closely to see when they are available. Am I taking a big chance in " waiting" and in what order should I buy. This is my first year buying a Winter Village set from the Lego website itself, as only discovered them after they had sold out last year.
    I know they were sold out at New Year. Will the toyshop sell out that quickly after all it has been " done" before, so thought there was a lot of lego fans who were very disappointed and planning to boycott the toyshop Eye-wink