Monkey Wizard Wu

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Markus Rollbühler
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    Its about time I show another model of mine.. Smiling

    When I was in Denmark for the Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek in the end of September I picked up a Master Wu Dragon:

    Fetching set 70734-1...

    Great set with nice parts - something I found especially useful when I decided to build an alternative model to it. In the end the following creature emerged:

    Monkey Wizard Wu by rolli, on flickr

    He is a wise and old creature, wandering the wild lands, offering help and guidance to those in need. But don’t mistake him, if need be, his elemental powers will eradicate the enemy. Some say he’s a descendant of the old dragons that once ruled these lands with wisdom. Tonight his elemental powers will lead you the way, with a dim, green light he’s guiding you through the mist, making sure you’ll reach your destination.

    I found it to be a fun challenge and a nice exercise. Let me know what you think Smiling