LOTR & Hobbit Lego

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Ronan O'Brien
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    Hey Folks,

    The Lego sickness has well and truly gripped me once more. Any lego I have bought previously was either from a shop in town (e.g Smyths) or from the Lego website. However, my two favourite collections Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are both retired so I will have to look further afield to complete my collection.

    If anyone is selling any LOTR or the Hobbit lego please let me know.

    Also, as I am new to buying outside of the usual channels, could anyone suggest places to buy. From reading through the forums, these seem like the places to go


    Lastly, when buying from the likes of Amazon do people use the likes of parcel motel to get the Lego delivered to the Repblic?

    Thanks for your help