Audi R8

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Markus Rollbühler
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    Hi there!

    When I was younger the Audi R8 was the coolest vehicle around - to me at least. And I always found it more appealing than red sportscars from Italy or the Porsches that are being built quite close to my place. Iron Man had one, I wanted one. Obviously such a car is not the most practical thing around, especially when you turn into an AFOL and want to bring models to events and conventions.

    So I decided to build one, in minifig scale. I started working on this a bit over a year ago and kept coming back to it to reiterate and make it better until about 4 weeks ago I felt like I was done. I'm pretty happy how it turned out - what do you think? Would love some feedback, my knowledge about building cars is quite limited.

    Audi R8 by rolli, on Flickr, on Flickr