Paving a curved track section

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One of the challenges I had at Brick 2015 was integrating a curved 9v track with our standard brick-built roads. Not only will you need an 8x32 sections at each end to align baseplates correctly (the curved section extends to 56 studs in each direction and official 9v tracks only come in 16 lengths - but not sure about ME tracks) but the tiling around the track to follow the curve is a pain. This WIP picture is of the version I had before it fell out of the van in London and had to be rebuilt (completely differently of course) from whatever spares I had with me.

Oiley, you might find it helpful for your curved track section in your GPO model.

If anyone comes across a better solution please post here as its really handy to have curved track sections where layout space is tight.

I meant to post this partially completed paving of a curved track. It has since been redone because it fell out of the van at Brick 2015. They will be finding little pieces in the Excel for years to come. by Dfenz, on Flickr