St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow - Architecture Scale

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Markus Rollbühler
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    Hey everyone,

    I haven't built much in the past months but after having moved into a new apartment and moving my collection to Denmark I finally can build properly again.

    In the past weeks I was working on my St. Basil's Cathedral, finishing it just in time for the annual Norwegian event in Trondheim. With its differently colored domes, its intrinsic facades and the unusual color scheme of dark orange and dark turquoise it was right up my alley and I had great fun building it, only cursing it once or twice a day Eye-wink

    St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow by Markus Rollbühler, on Flickr

    I hope you like my take on the iconic Russian cathedral. I'd love to bring it to one of the events but I doubt I'll find the time anytime soon..
    Take care and hope to catch up with all of you soon!

    Best from Denmark