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Some of you might have noticed a pair of AT-ATs at the Naas Library show.

T-47 Snowspeeder and Plus Size AT-ATs by James Shields, on Flickr

These were built by DaveNoCheese and I. The model was designed by an AFOL going by the name Roskolinov, and the parts list and instructions are downloadable from Rebrickable, here.

Dave messaged me a while back suggesting it for the Hoth diorama. I had actually come across it before, and I'd already started setting parts aside for it, but when I heard Dave was also working on one, the project gained some urgency, as the appeal of seeing a pair of them next time the Hoth Diorama is displayed was too strong. After pulling all the parts I already had in stock, I found I was almost half way there. There are almost 2600 parts in the model, so there was still quite a bit of Bricklinking required. However, there aren't too many expensive parts in it, so after a few orders I had most of the parts. I also found that a few colour substitutions on parts that aren't visible externally cut down on the need to order the exact parts.

The build took about a day, though I had a few other things going on at the same time, so I suspect if you had no distractions you could knock a few hours off that.

I had it finished just in time to bring to Wexworlds, where it met an old friend...

It's a fantastic model. It's a fairly good approximation of minifig scale, and should be reasonably acchievable for most AFOLs without breaking the bank. A lot more affordable than Cavegod's stunning 6,500 part version!

If anyone would like an AT-AT in their collection and doesn't want to pay over the odds for a retired set, I think this is a good way to go.

If anyone would like to build one to be included in the Battle of Hoth diorama in August, it would make for an fun collaboration.