Yet another model of the CCD Convention Centre

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Some of you know I've been I've been involved with a bid to bring the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) to Dublin in 2019. This has been a long process, and we are finally a couple of weeks from the actual vote, which takes place at this year's WorldCon in Helsinki, Finland.

Our venue for the convention will be the CCD convention centre, so I spent several months investigating whether it would be possible to take Dfenz's lovely model of the CCD over to Helsinki to help promote our fantastic venue and garner some last minute votes.

The first option I looked at was to drive a vehicle with the model, but when BRICKLIVE moved to the weekend before Worldcon, I'd have been left with just 2 days to get from Belfast to Finland, which is a little tight to say the least. I also looked at plan B, which was shipping the model on a pallet, but that would have been insanely expensive.

So I came up with plan C, which is to build a slightly smaller version of the CCD that can travel to Helsinki in a suitcase. This means it won't have the side open or the auditorium visible, like Dfenz's. It would have to be a hollow shell, with walls that break apart easily with Technic pins, and everything has to pack flat. I was also aiming to build it as far as possible from bricks I already had. Fortunately I have quite a few tan bricks, though I did buy some extra. I also had a big bag of 1x2x3 trans-clear panels that proved useful.

Here are some photos taken a couple of days ago:

And some more from last night:

I think it's about 3/4 the size of Dfenz's.

I've still the roof to finish off, and if I have some time left, I'll try to put the escalators in the lobby.